About Us

China Forestry Exchange (CFEX) is the national platform for the forestry right and resource trading, jointly established by the State Forestry Administration and Beijing municipal government upon approval from the State Council. It is China’s only state-level comprehensive trading institution of national forestry resources and elements.

To implement the Opinions on Fully Promoting Collective Forestry Ownership System Reform of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, CFEX has established a forestry ownership trading system, standardized the forestry ownership circulation system, pooled the forestry element resources, innovated in the tradable products of forestry resources and improved the financing capacity of forestry ownership.

Under the approval of the State Forestry Bureau, CFEX has established the China Forestry Ownership Circulation Service Center with authoritative data disclosure center, China Forestry Products Trading Center and Forestry Carbon Financial Products Innovation Service Center.

CFEX has specialized in offering the services as forestry ownership circulation, forestry product transaction, forestry carbon sink transaction and finance innovative services, etc.

In the aspect of the forestry ownership circulation service, CFEX has built the national forestry rights trading platform, the national forestry authoritative information publishing platform and the forestry assets evaluation center. The forestry ownership circulation service offers:

Relying on the large information platform and efficient service network,CFEX innovates the modern marketized business model with the bulk timber, tea and tea plantation prospective returns, newspaper pulp, and flower trading as the starting points. The . Forestry Products Trading Service offers:

Carbon emission reduction and carbon sink are the objective requirements to cope with the global climate change. CFEX will actively cooperate with China state forestry administration to set up the rules and standards regarding the forestry carbon trading. As the first and currently the only forest carbon trading exchange in China approved by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, CFEX will fully perform its duties and cohesion to provide market-based solutions to emission reduction issues. Forestry Carbon Sink Transaction Service offers:

In the aspect of the financial innovative and international services, CFEX mainly focuses on bank credit,  third-party custody of forestry ownership mortgage, forestry-related financial products, design of forest enterprises’ asset restructuring and listing plans, overseas forestry resources M&A services, international timber trading service and global ecological resources merging service, etc. Financial innovative service offers:

Other business:

Meanwhile, CFEX has achieved effective explorations on the public welfare forest marketized operation, establishing China Forestry Development Fund and the investment and financial services on forestry resources and projects.

By the principle of “Openness, Fairness and Justice”, CFEX will make sure to realize the value of forest land, timbers, and forestry products, attract the capital flowing into the forestry industry domestic and internationally, enhance the system reform of forestry ownership, and promote the healthy development in the forestry economy.