About Us

China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX) was founded on Aug 5th, 2008 under the approval of Beijing municipal government. CBEEX is establishing a professional market platform for trading various environmental equities. CBEEX functions as a public platform that aims to utilize economic measures to address environmental issues, as a leading and well constructed national level environment exchange market, as a professional window for international environment cooperation, and as an important market for trading environmental financial derivatives.

As the value discovery channel and market trading center for varified environmental rights and products, , CBEEX strives to optimize the resource allocation of energy saving and emission reduction, minimize pollution abatement social cost and transaction cost, and conduct cost-effective environmental governance through its advanced transaction system and extensive network of memberships & partnerships. Since its inauguration, CBEEX takes the development of resource-saving and environment-friendly society as its primary responsibility, and is seeking to integrate financial innovation in its contribution to nation’s sustainable development.

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