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China Beijing International Mining Exchange (CBMX), approved by Beijing Municipal Government, is a public service platform for the exchange of mining rights. Since established, it has been playing a critical role in Chinese mining industry.

As the developing of exchange in mining rights, CBMX is becoming one of the best service providers with integration of its comprehensive database, policy and technical consultation, as well as the mining financing services.

Be in accordance with the industrial policies, regulations and rules, CBMX has fostered itself into the fundamental role as the most effective platform for the business operation. On the other hand, we still earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all of players including governments, State-owned geological exploration organizations, investors, commercial geological exploration companies, financial institutions and service providers while cooperates with them to accomplish “resources-values-capital” integration.

We will, continuously, promote marketization of mining rights trading and standardization of intermediary service; create a specialized, cross-regional and international market that integrates mining rights trading, mining fund raising and mining technical consultation; improve the quality and efficiency of mining rights exchange service; develop a market pricing mechanism that can reflects the degree of resource scarcity, striking a balance between supply and demand, optimizing composition, combining mineral resources exploitation with attention to the interests of the regions inhabited by ethnic minorities, and strengthen the protection, restoration and control of the mining environment on the principle of putting prevention first, and consequently, push forward the fast and sound development of green mining in the context of economic globalization.

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