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Approved by the Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange is a wine & spirit trading platform that is jointly founded by 6 shareholders--Beijing Yiqing Holding Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Wine Industry Co., Ltd., The United BTG Express & E-Commerce Co.,Ltd., COFCO Wines & Spirits Co., Ltd., China Beijing Equity Exchange Group, CINDA Investment Co., Ltd.
Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange focuses on wine & spirit spot trading through its advanced electronic trading system, extensive network of members and partners to build the world's largest and most influential wine & spirit trading center by international standards, and is committed to becoming the trading, product promotion and cultural communication, financial innovation service centers for both domestic and overseas premium wines & spirits.

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    Wine & Spirit Exchange Service

  • Trading Service for Investment Grade Wines & Spirits
  • Bulk Wine & Spirit Trading Service
  • Wine & Spirit Trading Advisory Service

    Wine &Spirit Promotion and Cultural Communication Service

  • Introduction and Promotion for International Brand Wines & Spirits
  • Overseas Promotion for Domestic Brand Wines & Spirits
  • Wine & Spirit Appraisal, Auction and Cultural Communication
  • Wine & Spirit Certification Training Programs
  • Wine & Spirit Exhibition Co-organization and International Communication and Cooperation Programs
  • Cooperation with Leading Authoritative Institutions to Organize Wine & Spirit Competitions Globally

    Financial Innovation Service for Wines & Spirits

    Banking Services for Investment, Financing, Merger and Restructuring for Wine & Spirit Industries
  • Advisory Services for Investment Fund, Trust Plan and Financial Portfolios of Commercial Banks for Wines & Spirits
  • Financing Services for Small and Medium-sized Wine & Spirit Enterprises
  • Public Offering Service for Investment Grade Wines & Spirits
  • Mortgage Loan and Escrow, Warehousing and Logistics Services for Investment Grade Wines & Spirits

Members’ Service System

It has established a members’ service system of close co-operation, resource sharing and common development for the seller members, purchaser members, broker members, service members and individual investors and consumers on the wine & spirit exchange platform.

The Members’ Service System of Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange



Strong background of six large state-owned shareholders and well-established connections with international influential wine and spirit institutions and organizations to better serve China’s wine and spirit industries.

Security and Reliability

Standard trading system, advanced electronic trading system, strict product insurance, fund in escrow, ensuring secure trading in an all-round way.

Abundant Resources

Obvious advantages on products, channels, customers, cellars, warehouses and logistics etc.

Complete Services

A series of trading, promotion and financial services for wines and spirits are provided to members.

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